About TGK's Nebraska Pointing Labs

My name is Aaron Stover and I am the owner of TGK’s Nebraska Pointing Labs.  I have been hunting over pointing labs since 2000.  My family is a HUGE part of our small operation.  My wife Melanie, and our children Madison and Rylan are all heavily involved with the dogs.  We all interact with them on a daily basis as we firmly believe our dogs need to be well socialized and a part of the family, not simply dad’s hunting dogs.  When litters are being born and have hit the ground is when you really see our family work as a team.  Melanie has a special bond with our females and is right there with them when they are delivering pups, rubbing their tummy, patting their heads, or just letting them know she knows what they are going through.  When the pups become mobile, the kids take over with playing with them and loving on them on a daily basis.  Many a tear has been shed when the pups go home, because we love our pups and at the same time we are happy they are going to new owners to give them joy in their lives.

Our Philosophy

We want to provide you with "bend over backwards" customer service and an excellent hunting dog.  Our family takes great pride in responding to customers wants and needs.  We may not always have exactly what you are looking for, but we never want to miss the opportunity of placing a puppy with a new home because we didn’t take the time to listen and understand our customers.

All of our dogs are hunted and trialed. Let us be clear, our dogs are hunting dogs first and trial dogs second.  However, we only breed dogs that have obtained a hunt test title.  In fact we are so picky about this that a dog does not even get his/her own webpage on our site until they have a hunt test title.  This ensures that your puppies parents have met specific hunting standards and gives you the peace of mind knowing that your pup's parents perform on land and in the water. Many breeders only focus on the stud dog having hunt test titles, and forget about the other 50% of the equation, the female! Starting in 2013 and beyond you will start seeing female(s) from our kennel competing at upper hunt test levels, just another thing that differentiates us from outher kennels who do not title there females or put the bare minimum hunt test titles on them so they can hurry up and breed them. 

Another philosophy of ours that makes us different is you will not find us chasing the latest craze in stud dogs.  Occassionaly we will use an outside stud to incorporate new blood into our bloodlines, but we don't do it to chase the latest thing.  Your trust and investment into one of our puppies is way too important to chase outside stud dogs without a proven track record.  

One final thing that we feel differentiates us is our dogs are a part of our family. When they get old and can't hunt anymore or can't produce pups anymore we don't kick them to the curb and sell them.  We love all of our dogs, old, young, and in between!!  They have given their all for us and we will honor them until their last day with us.  This sadly is not true with all breeders.

Each year I hunt all over the Midwest with annual trips to the most prime pheasant hunting available.  I am blessed to have family in Northwest Kansas, and Northwest Iowa, and I also go to North and South Dakota and of course hunt around home here in Nebraska. Our dogs quarter the field, point and retrieve birds (land and water), and are good companions. It is our opinion that training a dog to only pass trials does not make a good hunting dog or generate good blood lines. A dog must love to hunt and that only comes from getting in the truck and going for real hunts on wild birds in natural conditions. Training situations will never bring out a dog’s natural abilities that a cold fall morning of hunting wild birds will do.


Our Kennel always enjoys hearing back from our valued customers. If you are a TGK dog owner and have an update on your puppy/dog, a hunting story, and of course pictures, please email them to us.  Has your dog done something great, let us know about it and we will posit it on our current events section. If you are a potential customer and would like a list of references, please let us know and we will gladly provide them to you.

Current Events
May 12, 2015:  Ann delivered her litter.  She had 6 yellow females and 2 yellow males.  One yellow female still available.  Thank you.

March 28, 2015:  Misty delivered her litter via C-Section tonight.  See us on Facebook for pictures.  Next litter is due on or around May 18.

March 03, 2015:  Well we dropped Trinity and Tamar off at the trainer's today (Phebe and Murphy will already there).  It's time to start getting back into trial shape as the first APLA trial is in mid April.  Let the games begin, please check back often for updates and watch our females climb the ladder of success!!

February 14, 2015:  Just a general update folks.  As you can see we jumped into the 21st century and joined Face Book.  We will try and keep that updated with pictures for you.  We had two awesome litters born at the end of January, see our litters page that have kept us very busy with pups.  In March, Trinity, Tamar, Phebe, and Murphy will start training for the trial season, let the games begin.  Notice, that is 4 females in training!  This is our commitment to you to ensure that the female side of our breedings are the absolute best there is available.  No other keenel has or will have the number of GMPR breeding females that we will have, period.  If everyone does what they are capable of we will have 6 GMPR females by the fall of 2015.  There is a difference between us and the next guy, don't be fooled by kennels that only focus on the stud dog, it takes two!!

November 28-29, 2014:  Back to Laurens, IA for pheasant hunting.  WOW, what an amazing quick and fun two days.  Fantastic dog work and tons of birds!!  First time I have ever hunted wild birds over Trinity and Tamar and let's just say there training has paid off.  Trintiy handles like a Ferrarri, and Tamar is a budding superstar, with a gorgeous point.  My gold star was a tie this weekend with Bleu and Trintiy.  Bleu hunts so darn hard it is jaw dropping and Trinity had two blind retrieves with full blown hand signals on birds that otherwise would have been lost.  The future is bright with the young guns for sure.

November 22, 2014:  Flo delivered her litter today (see our litters page).  We have a beautiful/strong yellow male available.

November 13, 2014:  Went on a waterfowl hunt with our good family friend Rodney Komenda today.  We used Mike Cunningham of County Line Outfitters, it was an amazing day of shooting and definitely plan to do this again before the season is over!!

November 8-9, 2014:  My favorite hunting trip of the year!!  Up to see the relatives in Laurens, Iowa.  Great time as always and great pheasant hunting.  Population has seemed to rebound from the last few years and we even got in a little waterfowl hunting.  Bleu was spectacular, followed by the old girls Tess and Nala.  

October 22, Kiera's litter was born.  7 pups in all, 2bf, 1bm, 2yf, and 2ym.  Please see our litters page, we have one yellow male deposit spot available.

October 11-14 (SW, North Dakota) Opening weekend of their pheasant season.  A 100% TGK dog 4 day hunt with our good friend Justin Poore and two of his friends.  4xGMPR Bleu, CPR Tess, CPR Nala, and CPR Flo led the way for me and 4xGMPR Winnie and a soon to be superstar Rock were brought by Justin.  Fantastic dog work, and an amazing bird population led to 4 days of getting our limits in less than 2 hours of hunting each day.  Southwest North Dakota is a bird hunters paradise!!

2014 Review/Preview of the fall and 2015:

In 2014 TGK owned dog's obtained the following hunt test titles:

Phebe:  Certified Pointing Retriever (CPR).

Trinity:  2.5x Grand Master Pointing Retriever (GMPR), and also was 4/4 in AKC SH trials.  Trinity will pursue the 4xGMPR, SH, and MH titles in 2015.

Bleu:  4x Grand Master Pointing Retriever (GMPR), and also obtained her SH title.  Bleu is most likely done running trials and we can't wait to hunt over this talented female!!  Be watching for her next litter.

Fall Preview:

Hunting trips planned for ND, SD, IA, KS, and NE.

Trinity, Tamar, and Phebe get to go guiding in SD!!  100's and 100's of birds these girls will get!!

2015 Preview:

Trinity to have a litter and pursue her 4xGMPR, SH,and MH titles.

Tamar to start master level trials, and possibly have a litter.

Phebe to start master level trials, an possibly have a litter.

Murphy (not on website yet), to start us dreaming for the future!!

September 20-21, 2014 (APLA Test, MO):  Well TGK went out with a bang.  Bleu became a 4xGMPR and Trinity at 2.5xGMPR.  Both girls went 5/6 in APLA tests this fall and also were both perfect in SH AKC tests.

September 13-14, 2014 (APLA Test, WI):  Another fantastic hunt test weekend is in the books.  Bleu is now a 3xGMPR and Trinity is a 1.5xGMPR!!

September 10, 2014:  Flo is in heat.  See our litters page for her upcomming litter.

Puppies are on their way:  Kiera is due on or around October 23, 2014, please see our litters page.

September 06-07, 2014 (APLA Test, MN):  Another great test weekend is int he books.  Bleu became a 2.5xGMPR and Trinity became a MPR!!

August 15-17, 2014 (Mo Valley AKC Hunt Test):  Great, great weekend for TGK.  Bleu picked up another MH pass and also got a SH pass which was her title run so she now has her SH title with the AKC.  Bleu is the most hunt test titled dog for TGK to date being a 1.5xGMPR and SH, hopefully some more APLA GMPR passes are in the cards for her this fall.  Trinity also picked up a SH pass making her 3/3 so far on her title run.  Great work Brad and thanks for running the dogs.

August 11, 2014:  Rock x Candi pups were born today.  Ten beautiful chocolate pups!!  Please see our litters page.

July 07, 2014:  Tonight we lost our hero and first pointing lab Hershey.  I will simply say thank you to a lifetime of memories and his breeding career has left a legacy.  His children and grandchildren continue to tear it up and create memories for everyone associated.  Again, we say we love you and Thank you.

July 04-06, 2014:  Minot, ND:  Bleu picked up a MH and a SH pass and Trinity picked up a SH pass.  Pretty darn good Holiday weekend, Brad get some rest!

June 29, 2014:  Bleu and Trinity each picked up a SH pass at the AKC trial in Rapid City, SD.

May 31, 2014:  Phebe got her CPR at the South Dakota APLA test.  Phebe is our newest hunt test titled dog and will have her first litter in 2015.  We intend to campaign her for as many hunt test titles as she can get.

May 18, 2014:  Bleu got another pass towards the coveted 4xGMPR title at the APLA trial in Decorah, IA this weekend.  Bleu is now a 1.5xGMPR.  We are very proud of her.  

February 28, 2014:  Thought I would take a minute and just give a general update on what has and is going on at TGK.  This fall/winter we have been blessed with three outstanding litters from Bleu, Flo, and Kiera.  In 2014 we will have for sure two more litters that being from Nala and Candi.

As we approach March our dogs are already off to the trainers and are gearing up for the Spring trial season, which is always a challenge with Winter continung to hang on.  Bleu will be working towards additional GMPR, SH, and MH passes.  Trinity we are hoping she will mature quick enough and also be going for GMPR, SH, and MH passes, we shall see.  Tamar and Phebe are our wildcards and our youngest dogs.  Time will tell how quickly these young ladies come along.  Stay tuned!!

February 16, 2014:  Kiera delivered her litter today consisting of 3 black females, 3 black males, and 2 chocolate males.  The breeding is with 3xGMPR Porter, MH, QAA.  Arguably this will be one of if not the strongest pointing lab breedings in the country this year.  Our trainer is even getting a pup!  Please see our litters page for more informatiion.

December 25, 2013:  Merry Christmas!!  Today after spending the day with my parents for Christmas we arrived home to Flo having had her litter.  This was quite a shock as she was not due until the 30th.  All is going well so far, stay tuned!  Plenty of selection available.

December 2, Kiera is in heat!  See our litters page for more information.  We are breeding Kiera to 2xGMPR Porter, MH, QAA.  All we can say is this breeding will be incredible and these pups will have some "zoom".  We are personally keeping a puppy to ensure the Kiera bloodline continues and so is our trainer, so that is two pretty good references for this breeding.

November 28, Thanksgiving in (Atwood, KS).  We did what they said couldn't be done this year, we found and harvested birds and plenty of them!!  A lot of walking and the power of TGK dogs and we put birds in the bag.  NW Kansas is not what it once was for pheasant hunting but a little effort and good dog work and you can still fill your vest.  Still love hunting out here!!

November  22-23, Laurens, IA.  Thank you very much to my family for taking me on a great two day pheasant hunt.  My annual trip(s) to Laurens are my favortie hunting trips of the year.  Great times and great bird hunting to put it simply.  Tess, Nala, Kiera, and Bleu were spectacular.  My cousin Cory's dog Jess was fantastic as usual.  Thanks again and we will see you soon.

November 1-5, 2012:  SW, North Dakota.  Thank you very much to my good friend Justin Poore (owner of 4xGMPR Winnie who is out of our Ridley x Nala breeding) for taking me on a fantastic pheasant hunt.  After questioning why someone from Nebraska would drive 14 hours to hunt pheasants in North Dakota, my questions were quickly answered, because of the number of birds!!  Fantastic dog work by Winnie and his other dog Boo, it was a complete pleasure to hunt with both of his dogs.  On my side of the coin I took Tess for what might be her last major hunt trip.  Tess had several nice points and it was great to see her get into all those birds again. Nala did her usual bulldogging and cutting herself all up to do anything to find a bird, her prey drive is senstional, along with a beautiful point.  Honestly as well as Tess and Nala did, Kiera completely outshined her kennel mates with stunning points, and the ability to go all day long.  On the third day when dogs and people were both exhausted Kiera never sat out one field and I really needed that extra effort from her.  She finished the trip with an exceptional point for Justin's friend Bob that produced a rooster that he was able to bag.  Bob told me Kiera's point was so staunch her lip was quivering as he walked into flush the bird.  Look for a great breeding this Spring from Kiera, see our litters page.

October 19-22, 2013:  Crawford, CO.  Thank you very much to my amazing extended family that helped me fill my cow elk tag this week and to my own family for letting me take time away from home for this adventure!  The hunting was tough and tiring but in the end we did find a cow elk and the freezer will be full with jerky, summer sausage, and sticks again.  Next adventure off to Dickinson, ND for pheasant hunting, with my good friend Justin Poore and his 4xGMPR Winnie.

October 12, 2013:  Bleu delivered her litter today.  Only 6 pups were born this time but everyone is doing great and growing.  We have one yellow male available on this breeding that is not spoken for yet.  Check out our litters page.

September 29, 2013:  Armour, SD:  APLA Test.  Today Bleu got her GMPR title, and Trinity got her APR title, so it was a very big final day/trial for TGK today.  All in all 2013 has been quite the roller coaster year for us and we are somewhat relieved for it to be winding down.  In April we lost our stud dog Jedi, so that was the lowest of lows for us, and today Bleu got her GMPR providing a huge high for us.  In summary, in 2013 Bleu received her APR, MPR, and GMPR titles.  Trininty received her CPR and APR titles.  Tamar received her CPR title.  2014 will be a huge year for these three ladies as we strive to produce the best product for you.  Bleu is due on October 15, see our litters page.

TGK would like to throw out a huge round of applause and thank you to our customers who have chosen to play the hunt test games this year providing excellent feedback on our breeding program and lots of free publicity, you guys are the best!!  However as proud as we are of everyone who owns a TGK dog that got a hunt test title we take our hats off to simply the best of the best, Winnie.  Winnie got her 4xGMPR this year and her SH title!!  Winnie is owned by our very good friend Justin Poore.  Justin and I though it would be very cool if two sisters, Winnie and Bleu both could be GMPR's in the same year and we did it.  Thanks again Justin, Winnie is simply the best!!

September 07, 2013:  Shioctin, WI: APLA test.  Today Tamar (not on website yet) received her CPR title at not even 9 months of age!  Congratulations to her and her trainer Andy.  In 2014 Tamar will begin her advanced training and trialing.  Tamar is the granddaughter of Nala.

September 02, 2013 (Ceresco, NE):  Tonight my son and I went dove hunting with our GMPR Kiera.  Kiera was steady as a rock and her retrieves were precise and impressive.  Kiera successfully accomplished an approximately 200 yard "blind" retrieve down the crick as the shot dove floated away.  After several minutes she returned with the dove, it was incredible.  Kiera's drive for retrieving is second to none which is why we will be keeping a black female from her 2014 litter.

Week of August 12, 2013:  The breeding between Bo x Bleu will be taking place this week.  This will possibly be one of the most incredible breedings we have produced and possibly one of the best you will find in the nation.  Plenty of deposit positions available as of this posting.

July 23, 2013:  Candi delivers 11 beautiful chocolate puppies.  See litter page for more information.

July 14, 2013:  Glyndon, MN  AKC Hunt Test:  Bleu received her second SH pass today.  Brad and Bleu are making a great team.  As you can see we are fulfilling our promise to our customers that our females will compete at the highest levels as we strive to produce the best product for you.

June 09, 2013:  Blair, NE  AKC Hunt Test:  Bleu received her first SH pass today.  Hopefully this is the start to a great HT career for this budding young star.

May 31, 2013:  Decorah, IA  APLA Hunt Test:  Bleu was flawless and possibly the only dog to not use a handle in either the land or water series.  3 beautiful points and leash her up is what the judges told Brad.  No pencil whipping this time, congratulations team Bleu on getting our first APLA Master's pass. Bleu did not run the second day of tests as Brad apprenticed to become a Master judge to help out the APLA.  We will be running SH and MH AKC tests the rest of the summer and we will be turning heads at APLA tests this fall, mark our words.  Congratulations also to Bleu's sister and littermate Winnie as she got her 2xGMPR at this test!!

May 18, 2013:  Massena, IA APLA Hunt Test:  First the good news, Trinity at less than a year old passed her CPR test!!  Trintity ran beautifully under the direction of Andy Schoeberl.  Trinity is out of 4xGMPR Hurricane Cruz, MH x GMRP Sam's Creek Rachael, SH, so yes this is Hershey and Tess's granddaughter that you read about in our blog several months ago.  The next time we do major website changes Trinity will have her own page now that she has a hunt test title.

Can't leave out this piece of good news also, we brought home our new puppy, Phebe.  Phebe is a yellow female out of 4xGMPR Bo, MH x CPR Maddy from our friend and trainer Andy.

Now the bad news.  Please don't take any of this as sour grapes, but I have been around enough to know when a wrong decision has been made and let me tell you it certainly was.  In the hunt test game we call it getting "pencil whipped" and that's what they did to Bleu and our trainer Brad Lhotak, myself, and everyone else who knows anything about anything knows she passed, but somehow in the judges infinite wisdom they chose not to pass her for Master's that day.  Brad and I decided to scratch her for day two for fear of not getting a fair shake two days in a row.  It was simply too bad.  Onto the next test with our heads high.

April 19-21, 2013: Higginsville, MO APLA Hunt Test:  Bleu received her APR title.  Not a bad accomplishment for basically having no training time in 2013 due to winter never ending up in SD and no open water yet!!  Onto the Iowa APLA hunt test now to see if we can get a Master pass or two!!  As I have continued to say, Bleu is our next Superstar!!

Congratulations to the following TGK dog owners on their successful weekend also:

Jeff Persson and his dog Stella (Bo x Tess on getting her CPR.

Trey Nelson and his dog Storm (Jedi x Nala) on getting her CPR and APR at only 9 months old!!

Justin Poore and his dog Winnie (Ridley x Nala) on getting her MPR and GMPR.  Wow is all I can say here!!

April 18, 2013:  Ridley x Flo's pups were born at 2am also, thanks ladies!!  This was Flo's first litter and she did great as a first time mommy.  Although we don't own Ridley, he is very dear to our hearts as he is Bleu's dad.  Flo comes out of our Hershey x Tess breedings and we can't wait to see how the pups from this Tubs line breeding do.  We have yellow males available on this spectacular breeding.

April 14, 2013:  Jedi x Nala's pups were born around 2am.  It was a long night for Melanie and I (of course Nala too), but she delivered 10 beautiful healthy pups.  4 yellow males, 3 yellow females, 2 black males, and 1 black female.  They are very large and healthy pups with some of them weighing over one pound, which is about typical for a one week old puppy!!  This is a litter we are very proud of and carries quite the emotions for us, as this is Jedi's last breeding.  For those of you who follow and know us you know we lost Jedi on April 01.  For those of you getting pups, thank you and for those of you considering it, we have yellow males available to carry on his legacy and make us proud.

April 1, 2013:  I pray I find the right words to type to honor our friend.  Today we lost Jedi to a car accident.  We are horrified, sad, and above all else we miss him.  Jedi was tall, blocky, good looking, tenacious, friendly, a prey drive that did not stop, and above all else we loved him and he loved us.  Jedi was not perfect, he was a little stubborn and wanted to do things his own way.  This stubbornness prevented him from achieving all the fancy titles we aspired to achieve but he was going to get there sooner or later.  I think the reason I loved Jedi so much as I saw myself, and of course his father Hershey in him everyday.  Hershey and I don't have all the fancy titles, we are not always polished, but we sure do love to  hunt and sometimes wonder what all the fuss is about doing things exactly a certain way.  Let us just find the bird and be done with it already!!  Jedi was a man's dog not a boutique dog. Jedi was a huge part of our small operation both present and our future plans all included his breedings.

I hope you will be patient with us as we try to move forward and plan for breedings without Jedi.  Our website may not be perfectly up to date for awhile as we scramble to fill the void Jedi has left us with.  Please know that TGK will stay true to our values and will only choose stud dogs in Jedi's abscence that we feel will honor you our customer, and our females.  Right now we are a little down and feel like the bases were loaded with two outs and we struck out and let the team down.  I think the head coach up stairs always has a plan and we hope he will put us back in the line-up with something very special that fits his plan with our next stud dog.  Until then God Bless and keep rooting for us, we appreciate it!!

February 12, 2013:  Nala was bred today to Jedi.  Expecting pups the third week of April.  Flo is in heat and will most likely be bred this weekend.  Puppies, puppies, and more pups are on the way.  Deposit positions are available.

February 09, 2013:  Our continued commitment to excellence.  Today we brought home "Tamar".  Tamar is a yellow female puppy out of 4x GMPR Sam's Creek Mightly Warrior, MH (David) x CPR TGK's Queen of the Point (Daughter of 4xGMPR McNally's Right Stuff Ridley, HRCH, MH) x CPR TGK's Princess Nala). Yep, if you are following all that we brought home another grandaughter to add to our kennel!! If you will recall last summer we brought home Trinity, grandaughter to Hershey x Tess.  This is our third female in a row whose sire is a 4xGMPR, MH  (Bleu, Trinity, and Tamar), soon another pup is on it's way also from a 4xGMPR, MH sire. Stay tuned to find out who!!  Our commitment to qualtiy females who we will take as far as their talent levels will take them is second to none.  The future is looking very bright at TGK!!

December 07, 2012, Tekamah, NE:  My friend Spencer and I had a nice day with the Riverfront Hunt Club taking on ducks and geese.  I plan to make this place a regular stop on my fall tour from now on, don't tell my wife!!  I downloaded some cool pictures from our day so check them out.

December 05, 2012:  General update.  First off take a look at our new Photos page.  We have updated this page drastically with several recent pictures we think you will enjoy.  Hunting plans for the remainder of the year include a guided duck/goose hunt along the banks of the Missouri River in NE Nebraska, and a return trip to SD for some more pheasant hunting.

November 23-25, 2012, Laurens, IA:  Another trip back to our favorite hunting grounds in NW Iowa after Thanksgiving.  Lots of hunting and more birds for all the dogs.  Just love hunting up there with my relatives.  I took Rylan and my brother Adam this time.  A good time was had by all.

November 2-4, 2012, Laurens, IA:  I had a very, very special weekend pheasant hunting.  My son Rylan and I headed off on a 3 day trip to our family up in Iowa to pheasant hunt.  This was our first "big" hunting trip together and he did great.  Rylan walked many, many fields carrying a bb gun and was definitely one of the guys!!

My cousins and I got in quite a bit of shooting and we all had a blast and got the dogs onto plenty of birds.  Let me just say that Bleu is becoming this kennel's superstar.  Bleu hunts, hunts, and hunts without tiring and she is absolutely bird crazy.  And to think we kept her because nobody picked her as a puppy and she was the #6 yellow female picked, goes to show you how silly pick order on a litter really is.  After watching her all weekend, this has given me more need to hurry up and get her webpage done, sorry for the delay.  Thanks Bailey's for a great weekend as always!

September 21-22, 2012 (Iowa APLA Test):  Jedi got his first MPR pass in the APLA!!  Brad and Jedi have worked very hard for this moment so this pass was certainly something to be cherished for all involved.  I don't know the full results yet of the Iowa test but I know there were a bunch of TGK bloodlines out their competing so congratulations on any and all passes for the TGK bloodline!!

September 8-9, 2012 (Wisconsin APLA Test):  Our Kennel would like to congratulate Justin Poore on his dog TGK's Right Stuff Winifred (Winnie) on obtaining her APR title!!  Winnie is out of GMPR Ridley x CPR Nala.  This blurb also has a little hidden gem in it for those who keep up with us.  Our next superstar, TGK's The Mountain's are Bleu (Bleu) obtained her CPR title at this test also.  Bleu and Winnie are littermate sisters so this was a very cool thing for us.  Thanks Mike and Andy for getting these titles for us.  Soon Bleu will have her own page on our website and we will plan to obtain more advanced titles in 2013 with her and potentially breed her with Jedi.  Now how cool would that be if Bleu and Winnie both became GMPR dogs in 2013, sisters from the same litter!!  

August 13, 2012:  I am often amazed and humbled by how many people have told me they check our website for current event information (hello Mr. Plooster :) ).  I wanted to take a minute and write up kind of what we have in store for the fall as I know many of you watch for test results, etc.  Jedi is competing for a MH pass this weekend at the Valley, NE AKC hunt test.  Jedi and Brad are working very hard, MH passes are not easily obtained so prayers and fingers crossed are very much appreciated!!  After this AKC test it will be on the the APLA fall tests to attempt that elusive GMPR title.  Also, we have a little sneak preview for you of one of our kennels future starts.  Bleu (daugher of Ridley x Nala) will be running for both her CPR and APR titles this fall.  Bleu turns two (2) on Christmas, we will then do her health tests, and if the timing is right we will breed her to Jedi.  That will make for some nice pups.  Bleu isn't on the webpage yet as she hasn't earned it yet, but hopefully soon.  Be watching for some upcoming hunt test results.

August 4-5th, 2012 (Watopia, MN AKC Hunt Test):  Our family would love to give a huge congratulations to our friend and trainer Andy Schoeberl on his dog Bo Knows High Caliber for getting his MH title.  Congratulations also to Brad Lhotak for getting this done.  Bo is the stud dog for Tess's litter (see litters page).  Bo is very, very talented and a great choice for Tess's last litter!! 

July 28, 2012:  There are certain important dates in people/families lives that mark a special turning point.  We believe this is one of those days.  Today, our little  kennel went full circle and brought home Trinity, a chocolate female pup.  Let us tell you who Trinity is and why she is so special to our family.
Several years ago our very first Hershey x Tess litter produced a little black female runt whom our kids lovingly named "Itty" as in Itty Bitty.  This puppy quickly proved how great she would one day become.  "Itty", being the runt, would get kicked out of the way by her brothers and sisters at feeding time.  She would crawl behind Tess and come over the top of her and with her sliding momentum would knock off her brothers and sisters and get to eat.  Being the runt, when it was time for the puppies to go home nobody picked Itty.  Itty eventually was sold to a wonderful family, The Flamings, out in Oregon who started her off before being sold to her final owner Bruce Marra. Bruce turned her into a GMPR and SH.  The world now knows our little Itty, as Rachael.  Our family always said if the timing was right we would make sure and get a puppy from Rachael.  Rachael was bred to 4xGMPR, HRCH, MH Cruz, so we thought if we were going to get a Rachael puppy this would be the right breeding.  To finish this little tale, today we brought home Hershey and Tess's Granddaughter Trinity. We selected the name Trinity because of the three great dogs from our kennel that she comes from, Hershey, Tess, and Rachael.  Rachael being bred to a great dog in Cruz should hopefully produce a even greater dog.  Time will tell but we certainly have grand plans for Trinity.  Stay tuned!!

July 21, 2012:  Candi delivered 8 beautiful and healthy pups (see litters page).  This breedng will produce fantastic hunting and great natured dogs that will point.  Chocolate puppies available!!

July 13, 2012:  Tess delivered 11 beautiful and healthy pups (see litters page).  This is a litter not to be missed as this is Tess's last litter.  Her breeding career is unmatched for producing quality pointing labs.

July 08, 2012: Minot, ND AKC Hunt Test.  Jedi earned his first MH pass!!  Jedi and Brad are absolutely rolling right now.  Keep watching for the updates folks as there are a few more AKC tests this summer and then onto the APLA tests this fall for the elusive GMPR title.

June 24, 2012: Rapid City, SD AKC Hunt Test.  Jedi earned his SH title today!  Congratulations Jedi and Brad, thank you for the hard work.  Up next MH passes.

June 10, 2012: Valley, NE AKC Hunt Test.  Jedi earned his third pass towards his SH title this weekend.  One more pass and he will have his SH title.  Thanks Brad, you guys are back on track!!

May 27, 2012: Congratulations to our friend Ed McNally and his dog Ridley on getting his MH title with the AKC.  We have consistentely used Ridley as a stud dog for at least one of our litters each of the last three years.  This year we chose to use Ridley with Flo, please see our litters page.

May 11-21, 2012:  Holy puppies Batman!!  When it rains it pours.  Flo, Tess, and Candi all went into heet at the same time and due to customer interest we decided to attmept to breed them all.  By the middle of July if all the breedings took we will be having puppies coming out of our ears.  Please pass the word as these are fantastic breedings and we may need all the help we can get to find them all good hunting homes.  Stay tuned for news on the upcomming TGK litters.  Please see the litters page to view the three upcomming breedings.

April 27-29, 2012:  These few days are where all of our family's hardwork and teamwork pays off.  These next few days our puppies start going home to their new homes.  This is always such a bitter sweet experience as these little guys have been such a huge part of our lives the last few months and we love them all dearly and will miss them.  We are thrilled to see the excitement and anticipation on the faces of their new families and it makes all of the hard work worth it.  Our family continues to be blessed and humbled by our customers for entrusting us with this investment.  Thank you to our customers who have literally driven thousands of miles, picked pups up at the airport, or visited our home several times to pick out your puppy.  Your relationship is invaluable to our family!  To my family, thank you for making these litters a success.  Without Melanie's willingess to bottle feed when needed, take hundreds of pictures, clean bedding, etc. etc. this would not be possible, you are the second best mommy a puppy could ever have :)  Madison and Rylan thank you for playing with and loving the puppies on a daily basis.  They would not have their sparkling personalities without you guys!  Watch out world the next round of TGK pups is out there!

March 8-10, 2012:  Wow, what a busy few days for our family.  Nala delivered her 11 pups on the 8th and Kiera surprised us all with a 3 day ahead of schedule delivery on the 10th, with 8 puppies.  All are doing great.  Both litters have a few pups available, please see our litters page for further details.

Week of February 20, 2011:  Not a lot of news to report.  Nala and Kiera are progressing along well in their preagnancies and getting bigger by the day.  Their upcomming litters have been pretty popular and deposits on the litter have filled up quite well.  There are still a few spots on each breeding available depending upon what sex/color and you are looking for, please contact us for further information on availability.
We are down to our last couple of weeks with Jedi being home with us.  It has been a real pleasure having him home for awhile and awesome to go hunting with him.  Jedi's vacation will soon be over as he heads back up to SD to start the 2012 trial season.  Please check back often for trial and litter updates with Jedi.

Week of December 26, 2011:  Apparently the girls all wented to give me one more great hunt for the year, see below, because three of our girls all decided to go into heat this week!!  Candi, Nala, and Kiera all went into heat this week.  We are going to breed Nala and Kiera, and let Candi sit this one out as she has a much more regular heat cycle and you should look for her to have a litter in the fall of 2012.  We are thrilled to be using our brand new stud dog, Jedi, as we know these breedings will be exceptional.  For 100% sure these breedings will produce yellow and black pups, but there is also an outside chance that both litters may also produce chocolate, we shall see.  Please contact us for further information on these outstanding breedings.

December 22-23, 2011 (Kimball, SD):  I recently took a trip of a lifetime as far as pheasant hunting goes.  I went to Kimball, SD with my brother and friends Andy Schoeberl (trainer), and LeRoy Robinson.  Andy and LeRoy showed us an amazing time and hundreds of birds.  If you are an avid upland hunter please put a SD pheasant hunting trip on your to do list.  It was everything and more I have ever heard about pheasant hunting in SD.  Thanks again Andy and LeRoy!!

December 17, 2011:  Today my friend Spencer Volzke and I headed up to Pheasant Bonanza and did a morning hunt.  The folks at Pheasant Bonanza do a wonderful job of showing you a good time. Spence and I got to shoot and shoot at :) several birds today.  All the dogs got to get on birds today so it was a great day.  APLA folks I did some scouting around here also and I think this location would provide the organization a wonderful place for a hunt test.

December 16, 2011:  Waverly, NE  Today I took the afternoon off and went hunting with my friend and insurance agent Rusty Wellman. Rusty took me to a couple of his honey holes right around Waverly. We saw several birds and got a couple of Roosters today.  It was a blast, thanks Rusty!!

November 23-27, 2011:  Atwood, KS for Thanksgiving.  Birds, birds, and more birds is all I can say.  Folks NW Kansas is back!!  I have been pheasant hunting in NW Kansas now for 15 years, thanks to my beautiful wife Melaine, and I haven't seen this many birds since she first took me home all those years ago.  A huge thanks goes out to my father in law who secured private land for us to hunt on.  I hunted Nala, Candi, Kiera, Flo, and our kennels future star Bleu.  All did well on this trip and got to see a ton of birds.

November 4, 2011:  Ceresco, NE, A fun and proud day for TGK.  This morning I took my son, Rylan, with me for a quick pheasant hunt.  This was Rylan's first time going with me.  We took Kiera, Nala, and Candi with us this morning and let them all hunt together as we had a very large section to cover by ourselves.  The dogs all individually did a nice job, but on this morning it was Nala that found the rooster and delivered him back to Rylan and I after I shot it.  Rylan was just thrilled to see the whole thing play out before his eyes.  I am quite sure I have a hunting partner for life now!!

October 2, 2011:  Parsons, KS (APLA Fall Test), Jedi earned his APR title!!  This wraps up a very successful 2011 trial season for Jedi.  Jedi earned his JH title and went 2/2 on SH titles in AKC trials to compliment his newly acquired APR title through the APLA.  Our thanks goes out to our trainer Brad Lhotak.  Brad and Jedi are becoming a very good team and Jedi will be a special dog to watch in 2012 as he finishes his SH title and competes for a MH title and GMPR titles.  Jedi is going to have a great/fun fall winter as he gets to go guiding with Andy Schoeberl at Pheasant Crest Lodge in SD.  What a lucky dog!!  Jedi turns two on October 17, 2011 and then we will do his health clearances and if all goes well he will be offered for stud to approved females.  Please feel free to inquire into his stud dog agreement and we will send you a copy.  Also, huge congratulations to Justin Poore and Winnie on her CPR title at only 9 months of age!!  Winnie is a puppy out of our last breeding between 4xGMPR Ridley x CPR Nala.

September 10, 2011:  Webb, IA (APLA Fall test)  The Webb, IA APLA Fall test continues to treat TGK well.  It is a pleasure to report to you that our kennel has added another talented female that will be sure to enhance our future breeding success.  TGK's Just Go with The Flo (Flo), earned her CPR title at this test.  Flo is not yet on our website, but soon will be.  Flo is Jedi's full sister and littermate.  Flo received the comment from the judges as exiting the upland field, "those were two of the best points we have seen all day!!"  That said our kennel and family would love to give credit were credit is due.  Our fist round of thanks go to Andy Schoeberl who agreed to sell back to us Flo, who originally aquired her as a puppy from us.  The second round of thanks goes out to LeRoy Robinson who ran Flo in the upland section of the hunt test and did a phenomenal job with her!!  Our kennel continues enjoy success highly due to our friendships and professional relationships with what we lovingly call, our "SD Boys!!"  Please keep a eye on our website for Flo's upcomming page.  She turns two this fall and then will begin her breeding career.  We are actively looking for a qualified stud dog to match Flo's pedigree and intense hunting sytle, any suggestions?

August 20-21, 2011:  Missouri Valley AKC Fall Hunt Test (Valley, NE)  I was so nervous the night before I could barely sleep.  In Jedi's first attempt at upper level testing he slammed it.  Jedi went 2/2 in the SH testing this weekend.  We are super excited about this.  Jedi continues to improve week after week and this is just the beginning for this exceptional dog!  Most likely this is it for AKC tests in 2011, now onto the Fall APLA tests.  Brad Lhotak has done a wonderful job with him and we will be anxious to watch him compete at the APLA events now.  Stay tuned.

August 14, 2011:  No grand news to report just wanted to get some thoughts down and keep folks up to date on some upcomming things for TGK.  The first is as we approach the fall tests we are anxious and hopeful that Jedi will be ready to perform at the upper level testing.  Jedi continues to make strides each week and as anxious as we are all for these "big dog" titles we still have to remember he is not even two years old yet. We will keep you posted on how he does. After the fall tests are over and he turns two we will be getting his health testing done before he starts his breeding career.  Speaking of his breeding career, the second thing is I am already starting to get inquiries on his availability as a stud dog.  I am currently working on our stud dog policy and will put that information on the website in the very near future.  That's all for now folks, start excercising your dogs.  The weather is turning cooler now, kids are going back to school, and the fall is quickly approaching.

July 30, 2011:  Puppy pickup day at TGK!!  Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who got a Trooper x Kiera pup and drove all those miles to pick up your pups.  Our family is truly humbled that so many of you drove so far for one of our puppies.  We would especially like to give a shout out to Charlee and Reese who rode all the way with their Dad and Grandma from Kentucky to take home "Hunny".  Make sure you don't spoil her girls!!

July 22, 2011:  Jedi passed his final leg of his JH title in Bemidji, MN.  Thanks to Brad Lhotak for obtaining this title.  Hopefully we are now onto SH testing and GMPR testing this fall!!

June 25-26, 2011:  Jedi passed a double AKC Jr. Hunt Test in Rapid City, SD.  Thanks to professional dog trainer Brad Lhotak for Jedi's continued progress.  One more pass is needed for his JH title and then on to bigger and better titles this fall.  Updated pictures of Jedi are coming to the website soon, if you want a sneak peak email me and I can get you some snap shots, he is really growing up!!

June13, 2011-Kiera delivers her pups:
On this day TGK produced our very first all GMPR breeding when Kiera delivered her litter.  This is a breeding bewtween 3.5xGMPR Trooper, MH x GMPR Kiera.  Rarely in the pointing lab world does the breeding include both parents being a GMPR, so we think this will be a very, very special breeding.  Please see out litters page!!

June 12, 2011 -TGK's Nebraska Pointing Labs has a very, very special day for us:
On this Sunday our family went up to watch some of the AKC Hunt test at Valley, NE.  Our own Jedi was competing, but so was Gator, and Rachael.  As many of you know we are very sentimental towards our Hershey x Tess breedings, and this gave us the opportunity to view three dogs from three different litters out of our Hershey x Tess breedings, so we couldn't miss the opportunity to go see everyone.  All three dogs had very nice runs this day.  We event took a "family" picture, as we brought with us Hershey and Tess just hoping we could get everyone together.  I have not quite figured out how to post the picture yet :), but if you would like to see the "family" picture let me know and I can get you a copy.

April 15-17, 2011 -TGK's Nebraska Pointing Labs Congratulations on the following:
1.)  4XGMPR, HRCH Rooster received his QAA title in Ohio.  Rooster is the son of our Hershey x Tess.

2.)  Aaron received his 2.5xGMPR title this weekend at the Higginsville, MO APLA trial.  Aaron was the stud dog we used on Candi's last litter, see our litters page.

3.)  Cruz received his 4xGMPR title this weekend at the Higginsville, MO APLA trial.  Cruz is the stud dog we are using for Tess's last litter, see our litters page.

4.)  Ridley earned his 4xGMPR title this weekend at the Higginsville, MO APLA trial.  Ridley is the stud dog we used on Nala's last litter and is the father of TGK's the Mountain's are Bleu, a yellow female we have the highest of hopes for!!

April 11, 2011 -GMPR Kiera was bred to 3.5xGMPR, MH Trooper :
TGK's Nebraska Pointing Labs enthusiastically announces our very first GMPR x GMPR breeding!!  We are absolutely thrilled to bring this pairing together (see our litters page).  Trooper needs no introduction in the Pointing Lab world but when paired with our very own GMPR Kiera, watch out Pointing Lab World, this breeding just may set you on fire.  In all seriousness I urge you to compare Kiera's pedigree along with her GMPR title to other breedings and I think you will see why we are excited.  We aren't the biggest, but we are trying to do our best for you, give us a shot!!

April 2, 2011 -CPR Tess was bred to 3xGMPR, HRCH Cruz :
We are thrilled to announce Tess's last breeding and we honored to use Cruz (see our litters page).  Cruz is the most talented Chocolate Pointing Lab currently competing in hunt test trials if not the most talented regardless of color!  Tess has only been bred to our Hershey in the past but he is now retired, and we were looking for a similar pedigreed dog as Hershey, as we know what type of dog this will produce (see either Hershey or Tess's page to view their incredible history), and Cruz was a easy choice.  When these pups hit the ground Cruz will potentially be a 4xGMPR and MH.  We are so excited about this breeding that we are keeping a black female for ourselves.  Look out APLA as she will soon be on the scene!!

February 21,, 2011 -Candi delivers her puppies:
Candi's due date was the 20th and we all anxiously waited all day for the pups to arrive, but the day came and went without the new puppies arriving. Aaron set the alarm for 12am, no pups, again I got up at 2am, no pups, the alarm was set again, for 4am, still no pups!  At 6am Aaron got up for the day, and two new pups were delivered.  The 21st was a scheduled very busy day at work for Aaron, so Melanie graciously stayed home and sat with Candi until the pups were done being born that day.  Candi has 4 beautiful chocolate pups and 3 black pups.