CPR Blue Collar Hershey of Black Forest
D.O.B 9-1-00  D.O.D. 07-07-14 OFA #LR-127853G25M-PI
CERF #LR46311/2006-70

Hershey pointing at the Colorado APLA
trial in 2002.

Hershey doing some retrieving training.

Hershey is a Certified Pointing Retriever. He is a chocolate male and weighs 70lbs. Hershey is the definition of the type of lab our Kennel desires to produce. He is all business in the field, yet lovable and gentle at home and around our family. Hershey's breeding career is over but his accomplishments will never be forgotten. Hershey has produced 4xGMPR, HRCH, MH, QAA Rooster, GMPR Rachael SH, GMPR Gator SH, APR Auggie JH, MPR Jedi, SH multiple CPR's and his latest accomplishment his grand daughter Trinity will be working towards big time titles!!. Don't overlook his daughter CPR Flo either for passing along a great bloodline!, see our litters page for Flo breedings.

Hershey is gone now, but will never be forgotten.  Hershey started this whole "dog thing" for us and we are forever grateful.  We have a thousand hunting stories that could never be written all down here, but we sure do smile thinking about them.  To all the people who I had to apologize to because my darned old dog wouldn't listen and come to the truck while we put our guns away and he stood motionless staring into the ditch or that bush right by the truck that couldn't possibly be holding birds, then looked up at us as the Roosters flew away and we could only sharke our heads, and yet he kept giving us chance after chance.  That sure was a hell of a nose we all learned to love and trust!!  Thank you Iowa and Kansas hunting trips!!

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