MPR, APR, CPR TGK's Return of the Jedi, JH, SH
D.O.B 10-17-09, D.O.D. 04-01-13,  OFA# LR-195085G24M-VPI (Hips) LR-EL52614M24-VPI (Elbows) CERF (Clear)


Jedi is a gorgeous black male who is tri-factored. Jedi's parents are potentially two of the most famous CPR dogs (Blue Collar Hershey and TGK's Lady Tess) in the APLA, and to our knowledge the only CPR x CPR breeding to date that has produced a pointing lab with the titles of 4xGMPR, MH, HRCH and QAA (Rooster), and multiple CPR, APR, MPR and GMPR dogs!!  

Jedi spent the fall of 2011 guiding with our trainer (Andy) at Pheasant Crest Lodge in Kimball, SD.  Jedi got the opportunity to find and retrieve hundreds of birds, what an opportunity!!  Andy even made the comment to us that if a client was having a hard time getting in on the shooting action he would send him off to follow Jedi, and let's just say the client was never dissapointed!

Tragically Jedi left us on April 1, 2013 in a car accident.  Jedi's death has left a huge hole in our family and everyone else's heart who knew him.   

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