CPR Claudia's Princess Nala
D.O.B 5-13-06 OFA # LR-17607362F-VPI
CERF #LR-52341/2008--27

Nala 2010Nala 1010 Nala 2010.
Nala Close up

Nala is a 60lb. Certified Pointing Labrador Retriever.  Nala is a very light shade of yellow.  She is extremely gentle and loves to please you, yet she is a hunting machine.  Nala is and has become many a family/friends favorite dog to hunt behind because she caters to whom she is hunting for and always finds the bird.  Nala is often described as a bulldozer in her desire to find birds.  She has a very beautiful retrieve and point.  Her pedigree is extremely deep with pointing labs and field trial labs, a perfect combination.  

In addition to the qualities noted above Nala is quickly becomming a very recognizable producer of titled APLA pointing Labs. Her daughter Bleu is our very own Superstar, and her grand daughter Tamar, will be the next superstar from this lineage. . To say the least, Nala is passing along her strong pointing/retrieving standards that TGK demands for our customers.  Nala is easily one of the top producing females currently in the APLA, with multiple titled offspring to her credit.  Do not miss her last breeding in the Spring of 2014, to Ridley.  This is the breeding that has produced multiple titled dogs in the APLA including Bleu.




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